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Duplicate Key Fob

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Unlocking Convenience with West Valley Lock & Key

At West Valley Lock & Key, we understand the importance of quick and reliable access to your vehicle. That’s why we specialize in duplicate key fob services, ensuring car owners are never stranded without access to their cars. Our expertise in key duplication, RFID technology, and the ability to duplicate key fob makes us a leading choice in the Phoenix area.

Our advanced techniques ensure that whether you need to duplicate a key or require a duplicate a fob, we have you covered. This service extends beyond traditional keys to modern fobs or cards, providing comprehensive fob access solutions.

Why Opt for Duplicate Key Fob Services?

While you might come across a copy kiosk for a quick fix, professional duplication services like ours provide a higher accuracy level. A duplicate key fob from West Valley Lock & Key is guaranteed to function like a charm, just as your original key or RFID key would.

Our services are not just limited to creating a copy a key fob; we can also replicate your original fob with precision. Whether it’s a simple task of getting a key copied or more complex requests for a duplicate key fob, our team is equipped with the knowledge and technology to meet your needs.

The Technical Edge in Key Fob Copying

Our skilled locksmiths specialize in all types of keys, from traditional keys to modern RFID key fobs. With special technology, we can even encrypt your data for enhanced security. Whether you’re using a simple key fob or a more complex key fob system, we ensure a perfect duplicate every time.

Access Control and Security

West Valley Lock & Key doesn’t just copy keys; we provide a comprehensive copying service that ensures your new duplicate key fob or card integrates seamlessly with your car’s type of access control system. Whether you need a simple duplicate key fob or require integration with a complex biometric access control system, our team can handle it. This attention to detail in creating a duplicate key fob ensures the prevention of any unauthorized access, maintaining the integrity and security of your vehicle’s access system.

Beyond Key Fobs: Comprehensive Locksmith Services

Apart from key fob duplication, we offer a wide range of locksmith services. If you lose your key and need to duplicate the key you want, our copying service is available. We can even copy keys that have been copied at a hardware store, ensuring a high level of property management security. Our services extend beyond just copying a key; we can also handle keypads and facial recognition systems, offering solutions for property managers and management companies.

Conclusion: Your Trusted Partner for Key Fob Duplication

West Valley Lock & Key is committed to providing top-notch key duplication and locksmith services. From copying key fobs to installing sophisticated security solutions offered by various companies, we ensure your tranquility. For your duplicate key fob needs, contact us today and experience service that works like a charm! Also, find us conveniently located on Google Maps for easy navigation to our services.

Can I get a new key card or fob for my car if I’ve lost the original?

Absolutely! If you need a new key card or fob for your car, just contact us. We specialize in creating exact replicas of the original fob, ensuring that your new fob works exactly like the original. Our process ensures that you receive a working copy with all the functionalities of the original.

How does sending your key to West Valley Lock & Key work for duplication?

Sending your key is a simple process. If you need a duplicate key for your car, just mail us your existing key. We use advanced technology to create a duplicate that’s exactly like the original fob or key. This service is particularly convenient for those who cannot visit us in person.

What is the advantage of using key fobs with radio frequency identification (RFID) for my vehicle?

Key fobs with RFID offer enhanced security for your vehicle. Radio frequency identification technology provides a high security level, making it difficult for unauthorized persons to access your car. Plus, using key fobs with RFID is convenient and offers a seamless car access experience.

Can I get a duplicate key even if it’s a high-security model?

Yes, we specialize in getting a duplicate key made, even for high-security models. Our advanced equipment and skilled technicians can replicate high-security keys, ensuring you have a backup in case of loss or damage. Rest assured, your duplicate will maintain the same security level as the original.

How reliable are the duplicates compared to the original card or fob?

Our duplicates are extremely reliable and designed to function exactly like the original fob or card. We use precision equipment to ensure that every duplicate is a perfect working copy, maintaining all the functionalities and security features of the original. This way, you can trust that your duplicate will perform just as well as the original.