When to Change Out Deadbolt Lock: Enhancing Security

Change Out Deadbolt Lock

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In Phoenix, the security of your commercial or residential space is paramount. At West Valley Lock & Key, we’re dedicated to enhancing your safety through expert services to change out deadbolt lock. Whether it’s choosing the right screw size, fitting the faceplate, or aligning the strike plate perfectly on the side of the door, our team ensures every detail is accounted for when we change out deadbolt lock.

Understanding when to change out a deadbolt lock involves several factors, including the integrity of the bolt, the condition of the existing latch, and the precision of the drill work required for a new installation. From using a hole saw for creating a perfect fit to meticulously removing the old deadbolt with a chisel, our approach is comprehensive, ensuring that each step, from the initial measurement to the final turn of the latch, is executed with precision for maintaining optimal security levels to change out deadbolt lock.

Why Change Out Deadbolt Lock?

  1. Upgrade Security: Installing a new deadbolt lock, especially in commercial settings, significantly enhances your premises’ security. Deadbolts are essential for protecting valuable assets and sensitive information.
  2. Wear and Tear: Over time, even the sturdiest deadbolt locks wear down. Replacing an old deadbolt ensures your door lock mechanism remains reliable against unauthorized access.
  3. After a Security Breach: If your property has been compromised, changing the deadbolt lock is an immediate step towards re-securing your space.
  4. Enhancing Door Functionality: New deadbolt installations can improve door functionality, with options like single-cylinder deadbolts for ease of use or double-cylinder deadbolts for added security.

Our Services

  • Deadbolt Lock Installation: We provide professional installation services, ensuring your new deadbolt lock is installed correctly for maximum security. Our team is skilled in fitting all types of deadbolts, from traditional to keypad and electronic deadbolt locks.
  • Replacement and Upgrade: If you’re looking to replace a deadbolt or upgrade to a more secure model, we offer a wide selection of high-quality locks. Whether it’s installing a new deadbolt to your door or selecting the right deadbolt for your home, we guide you through every step.
  • Lock Installation and Maintenance: Beyond deadbolts, we offer comprehensive lock installation services, including door lock systems and lock and thumb turn assembly, ensuring every aspect of your door’s security is addressed.

Why Choose West Valley Lock & Key?

Located in Phoenix, West Valley Lock & Key is your trusted partner for exceptional locksmith services to change out deadbolt lock. Our expertise extends from selecting the right deadbolt lock to ensuring precise lock installation, guaranteeing your property’s security with the industry’s finest solutions. Whether you’re considering a mortise deadbolt for enhanced protection or need a new one installed so the faceplate sits flush with the door, our skilled technicians are at your service to change out deadbolt lock.

We meticulously ensure that new deadbolts are installed inches above the doorknob for optimal security and ease of access. Each installation is marked with precision, and every old lock is replaced with care, using a screwdriver to secure every component tightly, ensuring the new system operates smoothly and securely.


Changing out a deadbolt lock is crucial for enhancing the safety and security of both residential and commercial spaces. For expert assistance to change out deadbolt lock, reach out to West Valley Lock & Key. Our team of experienced locksmiths stands by to upgrade the security of your property with premium deadbolt locks and meticulous installation services. Locate us on Google Maps and allow us to fortify your premises in Phoenix to change out deadbolt lock.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between installing a single-cylinder deadbolt and a double-cylinder deadbolt on my front door?

Single-cylinder deadbolts require a key from the outside and a thumb turn from the inside to unlock, offering convenience for quick exit. Double-cylinder deadbolts need a key on both sides, enhancing security but consider fire safety regulations.

How do I ensure the new deadbolt fits perfectly into my door frame?

Measure the backset—the distance from the edge of the door to the center of the hole—and choose a deadbolt that matches. Also, check the door thickness and the deadbolt’s fit to the existing hole to ensure compatibility.

Can I replace an existing deadbolt lock by myself, or should I seek professional services?

While some homeowners with DIY experience can replace a deadbolt by drilling pilot holes and using the right tools, professional locksmith services guarantee a secure installation and provide advice on enhancing your home’s security.

What should I do if my deadbolt requires lubrication or seems stuck?

Applying lubricant to the moving parts of the lock can often resolve stiffness or sticking. However, if problems persist, it may indicate a deeper issue that requires a locksmith’s assessment to ensure your home’s safety and security.

When drilling new holes for a deadbolt installation, how do I ensure accuracy and prevent damage to my door?

Use a paper template that often comes with the deadbolt for precise marking. Drill pilot holes first to guide your drilling and prevent the wood from splintering. Always double-check measurements before drilling to avoid misalignment.